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We are pleased to be the host of the 2014 Conference and AGM. New Information Added

Next Regular Meeting

Next Year: 7 May 2014

 9am – At the Park Bowling Club (upstairs)

 1st floor, The Park Bowling Club, access from Kilbirnie Crescent or Evans Bay Parade, Kilbirnie, Wellington

Upcoming events

Date Day Info
*7 May 2014 Wednesday AGM
*Guest: Brian McGlinchy on Scotland
30 May – 2 June 2014 NZSG Conference
*4 June 2014 Wednesday *TBA
*2 July 2014 Wednesday *10th Birthday party.
Members to bring a plate. Show and Tell
July 2014 TBA Trip TBA
*6 August 2014 Wednesday *TBA
20 August 2014 Wednesday Research Day
*3 September 2014 Wednesday *Guest: Jenny Robin Jones. Steerage passengers aboard the London 1841
17 September 2014 Wednesday Research Day
*8 October 2014 Wednesday *Oral History
22 October 2014 Wednesday Research Day
*5 November 2014 Wednesday *Guest: Mark Dunick. The Clarion Settlers
19 November 2014 Wednesday Research Day
*3 December 2014 Wednesday *Xmas Party. Members bring a plate. Show and tell

* Stands for Regular Meeting


First Wednesday of the month, February – December

  • 9.00am Doors open. With Help desks and research
  • 10.00am Meeting and speaker
  • 11.30am – 12.15pm Questions, help desk, research


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